Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Al Marhabani

The restaurant located in Jumeirah was recommended to me by a friend and is famous for the Mandi and Mazbee it serves. The place is spacious and one will find most of the Arabic speaking people dining here and is especially famous among the locals. The staff at the restaurant is courteous and serves freshly prepared food. I ordered Mazbee with chicken which was served with salad. However, the most interesting thing here is the rest room where you would find toilet seat covers which are replaced automatically after being used once, giving you a clean and fresh public restroom experience!

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Jabal Lebnan Al Jadeed Restaurant

I dined at Jabal Lebnan today and was quite happy about it. Although it is difficult to find a parking nearby, I thought of experiencing the food on the recommendation of a relative. We ordered mix grill, hummus and grill chicken which was served with garlic sauce and salad. The staff was very friendly and active. I liked the food and it seemed quite famous since I observed many people taking takeaways too! The best part of the restaurant is its covered seating for families and price of carbonated drinks which to my surprise was just AED 2!

Kabab BQ

I have been to Kabab BBQ more than a couple of times and experienced the food both at lunch and dinner. The first time I ordered Seekh kabab kerhai, which is good enough for two! Along with that, I ordered chapati which reminded exactly as the same chapattis we have been eating back home. Both the selections were good and the next time we went there especially for the same kerhai! Since it was winters, the second time I went there, I also ordered gajar ka halwa, which was just okay! 

Would recommend you to eat at Kabab BBQ at least once to get the desi food experience!
Happy eating! 

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La Brasserie - Atlantis The Palm

One fine afternoon when we were in Atlantis, we decided to have lunch at Rostang, a French restaurant. 
I ordered Tarragon chicken and Lemon tart. Both tasted good. The staff was really courteous and this is one of the restaurants where one receives 5-star treatment. The overall ambiance of the restaurant was also very nice.

Lemon Tart

Was to hungry to eat, couldn't take a real close-up

Kebab Grill 44

Kebab Grill and Ming Bowl, the two restaurants probably seem to be having some joint venture. Both are found together and food from both can be ordered at the same place on the same number. I often order food from here for lunch and also dine in for dinner especially now that the weather is getting nicer! 

Until now I have tried butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, Roghan Josh, Plain naan, butter naam and laccha paratha from Kebab grill while from Ming Bowl I have tried hot and sour soup, which was good, fried rice and a couple of gravies. 
The staff is very polite and welcoming! Located in the Avenue Bay, it is a must to be there and enjoy your meal in the outdoor seating they have!


QD's is the very first place I have been after landing in Dubai! This was the venue we choose for a small snack cum dinner and we ordered Chicken Caesar Salad, The Ultimate Hand Burger and a cocktail. We decided to sit by the water and the place gives a breathtaking view along with the lovely view of the Dhow cruises.

Chicken Lasagne, Chicken Caesar Salad & Orange Juice
Menu Card

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Tim Hortons Middle East

One of the best place to be - especially for those from Canada! Although the prices charged in Dubai are higher than the prices charged in Canada, the taste is good. The French Vanilla and Ice-Cap are what I always opt for. Besides this, the Mixed berry with yogurt is also good! In sandwiches, I have tried Tuscan Chicken and Pesto chicken and both were good.The donuts are also good and always fresh, like it says in their tagline.
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