Saturday, 20 April 2013

TGI Friday's

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The best location to eat at this restaurant especially on a special occasion is the one which is located in Dubai Mall. The meal becomes super enjoyable especially in beautiful winter evenings and this is the time when I always choose to sit outside. While waiting for the food to be served, the best part is enjoying the amazing fountain and observing the height of Burj Khalifa. All this makes the evening more enjoyable especially if you are with a loved one! The second best location of TGIF is the one located in Dubai Festival City where you can eat on a corner table that gives a view of a beautiful artificial lake. Coming up to the menu, the restaurant offers an amazing set of items one can order and the waitress is also always there to guide you what to order. The restaurant also has a good variety of drinks. The staff is super friendly which makes the eating experience good.

Rating: 8/10

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pind Da Dhaba

A good place for desi and punjabi food! As you enter, you may notice a stair case fully decorated with Manjhas (string used to fly kites). Moving up, there is a huge wheel and a small area decorated with colorful bangles and chundri dupattas! 

The ambiance have been perfectly done according to the name, "Pind da Dhaba" and the music played is Punjabi  of course! I experienced the restaurant on a Thursday evening at 8 pm, however, the restaurant started to fill as time passed! 

In the beginning we were served with Pappad, salad that included only onions and green raita, achaar and lemon.  The drinks we ordered for two people were Sweet lassi, shikanji (drinks) and food included Dhaby di daal and Murgh makhni. 

The prices at the restaurant are reasonable and two people can easily eat under AED 100. However, to reach the restaurant, you have to climb the stairs ... so not a very good idea for old people or those who cannot take the stairs. A lift is suggested. Besides this, the size of tandoori roti is very small and thin and costs AED 3 which means a person needs to order at least 2 for women and 3-6 for men which is the major item that increases the amount of the total bill!

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Rating: 7/10