Friday, 12 July 2013

Kitchen 6 - JW Marriott Marquis

Located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed Road, Kitchen 6 can be found inside the JW Marriot Marquis, famously known as the tallest hotel in the world! I went there for the Easter lunch. Entering Kitchen 6 gives one a luxurious feel as the interior has been done intricately and you are politely greeted and guided towards the reserved table.

Kitchen 6 serves one of the biggest international buffet in town and covers Arabic, Indian, Japanese, Lebanese, Chinese and other cuisines on different counters. I started off with the delicious Indian food before moving on towards other options and had enough but made sure to leave some space for my most desired part of a meal. The desserts counter covered various interesting ice creams, cakes and Indian mouthwatering desserts. 

The meal completely mesmerized me and I would recommend you all to pay a visit too!

The Indian Counter - Kitchen 6