Saturday, 25 January 2014

Tim Hortons Middle East

One of the best place to be - especially for those from Canada! Although the prices charged in Dubai are higher than the prices charged in Canada, the taste is good. The French Vanilla and Ice-Cap are what I always opt for. Besides this, the Mixed berry with yogurt is also good! In sandwiches, I have tried Tuscan Chicken and Pesto chicken and both were good.The donuts are also good and always fresh, like it says in their tagline.
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Sunday, 5 January 2014


Craving for good Italian food? Then, Oregano is the place to be! The restaurant has very polite and efficient staff and the ambiance of the restaurant is good. After ordering, you will be served with complimentary pieces of assorted breads along with butter and their signature sauce made of green herbs and olive oil. We ordered Fusilli Carbonara con Salssicce and Risotto con Salmone. Both were good, and the quantity was good too.
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A friend recommended this restaurant when I asked her to tell me about a good place for steaks. It was weekend when we headed towards Yoko Sizzlers ... it took more than 20 mins to finally get a parking, not very near the restaurant though. After the wait for the parking, we had to wait for another half-an-hour to be seated. The manager was very courteous. After being seated we ordered Yoko Special Steak and Chicken Fried Rice. The quantity of the food served is quite good and so is the taste. The sizzling brownie is a must try! However, try to avoid going to the restaurant on the weekends because it is over-crowded, it is difficult to get parking and since the restaurant is mostly visited by families, the noise of the kids crying becomes extremely irritating.
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Came to know about Patiala House through Zomato and we headed towards the restaurant for dinner. It was a bit difficult to find the location since it is located inside a lane. Luckily, we got the parking nearby and landed inside the restaurant. Since it was our first time, we opted for the All-in-one meal so we could try different things. Meal 1 has chicken handi, tikka and biryani. All of it was amazing! Along with the food, we were also served green raita, achaar and sliced onion. For drinks, we ordered Nimbu Pani, which was also good and refreshing! In the end, we were served Gulab Jamun, which just melted in our mouth ... loved it! 

The prices are extremely reasonable and you can enjoy an Indian movie along with the meal!


If you are craving for Italian food, then Il Forno is the place you should head towards! The restaurant has many branches but all of them are located in Abu Dhabi and this is the reason why I have to go all the way from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to enjoy the scrumptious food served by them. The restaurant serves various kinds of Italian food that includes pastas, pizzas and Risottos. Until now I have tried Lasagna di Pollo, Ravioli Salmon and Risotto di Pollo and all of them are amazing!

Lasangna de Pollo

Risotto - On the left